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Whether it's becoming a type rated second in command or a type rated pilot in command Falcon Jet Corporate pilot or if you are just needing some recurrent training, Salem Enterprises has you covered with custom tailored courses to meet your training needs.

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Meet The Instructor

Meet Sal Manganaro, the owner and a highly experienced and veteran Dassault Falcon Jet Instructor and FAA approved and authorized flight instructor and pilot examiner. Sal has  so far spent over 40 world wide years reguarly flying and instructing In Dassault Falcon Business Jets including the very first Falcon Jet in America. The Falcon 20.  Sal is rated in the Falcon 20, Falcon 10, Falcon 50 Falcon 900 and the Falcon 2000. Sals carreer wise total Falcon Jet time is more than 12,000:00 accident free hours. He also has trained over 2100 Falcon pilots safely and successfully during his carreer to date. And, he is still at it to this day! And, Candily,, he loves every minute of it!

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About Salem Enterprises International

 My company provides high quality experienced on site Pilot Initial and Recurrent Pilot training courses for the Falcon 10, the Falcon 20, Falcon 50 and the Falcon 2000, all variant models. We instruct in and we do the mandatory FAA PPE 61:58 check rides in your aircraft. All of our course's have a very compehensive ground school class along with real world flight training. All of the training is accomplished at your choice of location and at your scheduling convienance. The recurrent training course is two days in lenght and the pilot Initial course is 8-9 days. All of the neccesary pilot training manuals, training aids and check lists are included. Ground school is provided using a very strong and vivid PC generated powerpoint presentaion with exceptional clarity. We are also approved by the largest insurance companies in the USA and we have been for many years. And, we all are approved FAA authorized and certifed flight instructors current in the aircraft. We have been in business since 1979. Training is our only business. All of us instructors have thousands of hours in type with no violations or accidents. And, we have a very long list of clients that we have worked with and continue to do so. One company flight department of ours in particular now shares it's 30 continous years of training with us. We still visit this 5 pilot flight deparetment reguarly to this very day. Our training is also very affordable and proves to save approximately 70% over all factors considered. Call text or email me for any questions about costs, commendations we have received, etc.,

I will be most happy to answer any and all of your questions. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thats yours truly on the right during a Pilot Intial ATP type training mission in the Falcon 20. And yes, the captain looks rather young but, he made PIC status np. Matter of fact, so did his Dad.

Sal Manganaro